What is Integrated Monitoring System (RMS)?

A system to integrate the functions of various facilities installed into one route to accurately detect and control various accidents that 
may occur in industrial facilities and buildings.

The need for a unified monitoring system (RMS)

Reliability of operation of major systems and preventing disasters in advance by introducing a management and monitoring system

Overcoming security vulnerabilities caused by unmanned operation of IT infrastructure

Overcoming difficulties in responding immediately due to physical distance

Control and management of who enters

Establishment of a real-time notification system for response to emergency or disaster

Manage issues and inspection history through accumulated knowledge database


It is believed that the target and scope of use will be very wide


Increase efficient facility disaster prevention resource management capabilities


Efficient response and recovery


Improved reliability of disaster equipment


Easy and convenient for managers

Integrated Monitoring System (RMS) strengths

  • WEB-based MAP configuration
    • Other products require a separate compilation step when updating the map, but the RMS allows for access through a monitoring website. You can connect and apply MAP right away
    • Convenient tools are provided through intuitive menus, favorite groups, and map group composition.

  • Sensor network configuration
    • When configuring a sensor network, the topology is directly configured and the sensor properties are all defined, so sensor status can be checked immediately
    • Central monitoring is possible by transmitting sensor information generated from the local server to the master server and synchronizing data from all local servers within the site
    • A large-scale sensor network can be set up by installing a local server for each building or floor and linking it to the master server
    • Linkage with external systems: Capable of linking external systems for sensor information such as Korea’s “S” Electronics, “S” Display, Ministry of Defense, and Korea’s “L” Group. Also providing JSON and XML data

  • Send message to mobile device (when connected to the Internet): Send alarm message directly to mobile devices via SMS or LMS