Installation Case

   Data Center/ Computer Room

The Internet Data Center (IDC) and Cloud Data Center (CDC) are two common data centers.
A few other similar facilities are server rooms, communication rooms, and call centers.

A server is a high-performance computer operating at high loads, which generates heat. 
Thus, it is very important to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity to provide cooling.  
A constant temperature and humidity levels must be maintained.
Data centers are vulnerable to fire and water leaks, so if such hazards are not detected, it can lead to a power outage, causing severe casualties along with enormous damage to property.
If a water leak occurs in a sensitive area or water sprinklers malfunction, a data center can become paralyzed.
Cables and power supply lines can be disrupted in addition to damage to equipment. 
In such a scenario, bringing the data center back to full operational conditions may take a considerable amount of time.
When a data center is essential for system integration, 
agencies will set up a dedicated data center that is used only within the organization, such as is the case with the Defense Integrated Data Center and the National Information Resources Service.
YUMINST offers a water leak detection system that meets rigorous requirements.
Yumin ST’s efficient monitoring !
Rigorous water leak detection system

Quick pinpointing of leak location

Can monitor up to 200 sensors

TCP/ IP and MODBUS communication

Individual dry contact points

Supports fire detection through different channels