Installation Case

   Public / Commercial facilities

Public office facilities are buildings housing national or local government offices and foreign embassies. 
Buildings or facilities where business is conducted are also under this classification. 
Depending on the floor area, business facilities, neighborhood living facilities, and knowledge industry centers may also fall into this category. 
Potential water leak areas include air conditioners installed indoors or outdoors, fire extinguishing piping, humidity chambers, archival rooms, windows, and ceilings.

If a water leak occurs, leading to waterlogged wires and electronic devices, it can result in casualties and damage to property. 
Especially concerning is the structural deformation of a building due to water leaks that can cause a building to collapse. 
Even though buildings are becoming more advanced and built taller, a simple water leak can paralyze critical business activities.
YUMINST’s water leak detection system is used in corporate offices, public enterprises, 
and local governments including the Knowledge Industry Center in Pangyo and the headquarters of game developer and publisher “N” Soft, 
the Korea Electric Power Corporation headquarters in Naju, and the Daegu’s Suseong District Office. 
For efficient monitoring, YUMINST’s water leak detection system can detect fire and water leaks at multiple points simultaneously.
Yumin ST’s efficient monitoring !
Rigorous water leak detection system

Quick pinpointing of leak location

Can monitor up to 200 sensors

TCP/ IP and MODBUS communication

Individual dry contact points

Supports fire detection through different channels