Installation Case

   Amusement parks, museums, art galleries, cultural assets

Museums are non-profit institutions that serve society and societal enrichment. 
They collect, preserve, and exhibit tangible and intangible cultural assets. 
They are open to the public as places for learning and enjoyment. 
Beyond simply being a place to store ancient works, they are invaluable to society at large.

Because art museums, cultural sites and amusement parks receive many visitors all-year round, rigorous management of water leaks and fire accidents is required. 
Maintaining a constant temperature and humidity and detecting fires is essential to prevent damage of artwork.
Old buildings and facilities compounded by poor maintenance can also cause serious accidents.
YUMINST supplies water leak detection systems to art museums around Korea, Gimhae Water Park, and the “L” Tower Aquarium. 
Our solutions provide efficient and effective monitoring of leaks.
Yumin ST’s efficient monitoring !
Rigorous water leak detection system

Quick pinpointing of leak location

Can monitor up to 200 sensors

TCP/ IP and MODBUS communication

Individual dry contact points

Supports fire detection through different channels