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   Houses, Apartments, Public housing, Lodgings

Houses and apartments are residential structures built for households and provide independent living spaces.

Water is essential in daily life and as such, water leaks occur frequently due to cracks in walls, leaky roofs, rotting pipes, leaky balconies, or wear to window sealing materials. 
The kitchen and bathroom are areas where leaks commonly occur, and this can be harmful to personal hygiene if mold or bad odors develop. 
Personal valuables may be damaged, and even casualties may occur. 
Water leaking in apartments can cause damage to residents, and frequent water leaks in commercial buildings can cause critical business activities to come to a halt.
YUMINST provides solutions to public housing overseen by the “L” Corporation and its water leak detection systems are 
used by various construction firms such as “D” E&C, “G” Engineering & Construction firm, “K” Construction, “H” E&C.
Yumin ST’s efficient monitoring !
Rigorous water leak detection system

Quick pinpointing of leak location

Can monitor up to 200 sensors

TCP/ IP and MODBUS communication

Individual dry contact points

Supports fire detection through different channels