Installation Case


A laboratory is where hazardous chemicals are handled but it can also be used to manufacture, store, and transport hazardous chemicals. 
Different parts of a lab need to be separated when classified as a manufacturing facility (research, experiment space) or storage facility (chemical storage room, reagent storage room).
They need to be placed in different compartments, floors or buildings.

Flammable liquids or gases, toxic substances, or carcinogenic substances can be leaked due to accidents or careless handling. In such cases, human casualties or property damage can occur.
For the 2,251 registered hazardous chemicals in the Chemical Information System, YUMINST can reduce costs and generate efficiencies through the quick detection of the cause of a problem and once the problem substance is removed, the water leak system’s flexible sensors can be reused.
Korean government-funded research agencies such as the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea Testing Certification Institute, Korea Institute of Robot Convergence, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute and others currently use YUMINST products in addition to company research arms that conduct R&D and testing of various chemical and organic materials.