Installation Case

   Chemical piping, oil pipeline

Piping comprises pipes, tubes, and hoses for the purpose of transporting fluids, gases and powder or for protective wiring. 
Off-site piping and transfer facilities refer to facilities that transport hazardous chemicals such as pipes, valves, and various safety devices, in addition to other supporting facilities outside the work area.

Damage to piping that transports raw materials needed for plant production within a large facility or to those that transfer chemical substances between plants may result in leaks that could lead to a serious industrial accident. 
Old chemical plants need to have their pipes well-maintained to address corrosion and aging equipment that can pose a hazard. 
Also, an underground network of pipes makes it hard to pinpoint the location of a leak. 
Pipe racks at the ground level are at risk of being hit by a vehicle, which could lead to the release of hazardous chemicals or materials, or high-pressure gas. 
This can also result in a major industrial accident.
In the Yeosu Chemical Industrial Complex, YUMINST has been managing leak detection in chemical piping for “L” Chemical for many years. 
In addition to using wireless communication, the system also incorporates solar power for power. 
The system provides leak detection levels, location of leaks, and connection status in specific spots along the section.
Yumin ST’s efficient monitoring !
Rigorous oil leak detection system

Quick pinpointing of leak location

Can monitor up to 200 sensors

TCP/ IP and MODBUS communication

Individual dry contact points

Supports fire detection through different channels