Installation Case

   Ship, aviation, space industry

Shipping, cargo transport, passengers, and logistics make up a big part of air and ocean transportation. 
In these ships and planes, you will find various electronics that oversea critical controls. 
A ship transports people or goods over the ocean.

Electronic devices are vulnerable to water leaks and require immediate repairs when waterlogged. 
The growth of the oil and chemical industry has led to huge demand for international transportation of oil and chemicals via ships and airplanes. 
As ships have become bigger, dangerous materials, oil, and chemical products are transported in larger volumes, increasing the risk of a serious marine accident. 
Most of all, when an accident does occur, it will lead to serious property damage, toxic impact to the environment and human casualties. 
Despite this, implementing safety management measures and establishing an emergency response system is problematic. 
Various types of materials transported by sea can harm the ocean. 
Over 6,000 types of dangerous materials are regulated, including dangerous packaged dangerous products, liquid chemicals, oil, natural gas and more.
In Korea, Incheon International Airport Terminal and Jeju Passenger Terminal have chosen YUMINST products for 
their management and operation system while America’s Delta Air Lines is also another customer of our products. 
YUMINST’s liquid leak detection system can reduce accidents when adopted in maritime shipping management systems while 
improving monitoring effectiveness by being able to monitor technical aspects of a ship’s structure and equipment and 
detecting problems caused by human error. 
Quantitative risks can also be analyzed through accumulated data from YUMINST’s products, and thereby help to prevent recurring accidents.