Company Introduction

Company Introduction

YUMINST, 2020 Korea SME firm of the Year

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[2020 Korea SME firm of the Year] Yumin ST "Developed the world's first flexible liquid detection sensor"

Reporter Yang Jong-gon Mar 30, 2020

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Located in Gyeonggi-do. YUMINST (CEO Kim Dong-hwan, photo) specializes in disaster prevention solutions for hazardous chemicals after developing the world's first flexible liquid detection sensor.

Founded in 2006, the company holds over 130 patents and certifications and has gained recognition for its technology in the United States, China, Japan, and Europe.

This field has been previously dominated by a handful of companies from Japan, the United States, and Europe.

However, existing sensors were limited in their application due to high prices and other constraints.

However, flexible liquid detection sensors can be mass produced efficiently and cost-effectively. With low production cost, flexible sensors can be cut to certain specific lengths like adhesive tape.

YUMINST’s sensors also feature fast response times when detecting minor leaks, making it possible to prevent major accidents.

YUMINST is now on its 5th generation sensors that can be reused while its 6th generation sensors can pinpoint the location of a leak.

The company is now developing a 7th generation sensor that uses magnetic resonance and boasts a very fast response speed of 1 to 2 seconds or even quicker.

This technology is protecting worker lives and the safety of customers from hazardous chemical leaks in industrial sites such as chip fabrication plants, LCD manufacturing facilities, power plants, and chemical plants.

Additionally, demand from residential and commercial buildings for flexible sensors is increasing to prevent water leaks in buildings.

YUMINST is expanded the scope of its sensor applications to include EVs, dishwashers, and pesticides for certification of eco-friendly agricultural products.

In addition, we have developed total system that can remotely operate each sensor, link with CCTVs and emergency alarms in an integrated manner. This system has been deployed in a chipmaking facility.

We also provide a smartphone app that allows administrators to monitor leaks.

Reporter Ahn Gwang-seok, The Seoul Economic Daily   Business