Company Introduction

Company Introduction

YUMINST’s manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia... “Flexible liquid detection sensor exported to 15 countries in the Middle East”

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Reporter Min Gyeong-jin

Posted Jun 3, 2022, Edited Jun 3, 2022

유민에쓰티, 사우디 생산기지 구축…"필름형 액체감지센서 중동 15개국 판매"

YUMINST is located in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province. The company is a tech firm that developed the world's first flexible liquid detection sensors based on an electronic printed circuits to detect leaks of harmful liquids in 2007.

Recently, YUMINST became the first domestic flexible sensor firm to establish a joint venture in Saudi Arabia and expand overseas.

YUMINST recently established a joint venture with Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Group to build a manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia.

This joint venture will produce flexible liquid detection sensors in a Saudi Arabia-based manufacturing plant and export products to 15 countries in the Middle East.

A company spokesperson said, "It will play a key role in protecting worker lives and assets by reducing the risk of disasters at industrial sites in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East."

YUMINST is also pursuing a project with the Saudi Arabian government to build a system to detect and prevent water pipe leaks.

The company is determined to not only increase energy efficiency in Middle Eastern countries that suffer from water shortages, but also use this as an opportunity to promote YUMINST’s leading sensor technology to overseas markets.

YUMINST’s flexible sensor products can detect all liquids, including water, chemical solutions and oils that are harmful to humans.

We have built a total solution related to leakage, and have an R&D department, manufacturing facility, sales team, and customer service teams.

YUMINST is the first company that manufacture flexible sensors to receive NEP certification from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's Korean Agency for Technology and Standards three times. We have also applied for and received over 130 intellectual property rights, including domestic and international patents.

유해 화학용액 등의 누출을 감지하는 멀티 리크 알람모듈 센서. 유민에쓰티 제공

Multi-leak alarm module sensor that detects leaks of hazardous chemical solutions. Provided by YUMINST

YUMINST's total solution for fluid leaks features the ability to check leak information in real time through a mobile device.

The Remote Monitoring System (RMS) embedded in this solution has superior compatibility with various operating systems, allowing customers to build solutions optimized for specific situations on location.

In addition to solid security features, administrators can efficiently use various functions such as topology, mapping, event logs, system logs, and user registration management.

It is also possible to build an integrated monitoring system that combines various equipment such as firefighting equipment, CCTV links, gas detectors, smart factories, and smart cities with our leak detection system.

YUMINST has made significant contributions to chemical disaster prevention by even detecting tiny amounts of chemicals used in the chipmaking processes at chip fabrication plants in Giheung, Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek, and Paju.

In addition, YUMINST has supplied sensor product to over 1,300 domestic companies, including petrochemical companies, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, data centers, server rooms, heavy industry, and auto-related companies.

The company is also a supplier to global chip firms such as TSMC, Global Foundry, and BOE.

A YUMINST spokesperson said, “Demand for flexible leak detection sensors is increasing due to the Occupational Safety And Health Act, the Chemical Substances Control Act, and the Serious Accidents Punishment Act,” and added, “We will accelerate our expansion into overseas markets as well as domestic sales.”

Reporter Min Gyeong-jin