Company Introduction

Company Introduction

(Notable company - YUMINST) Expanding into global market with sensor technology amidst 4th Industrial Revolution

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(Notable company - Yumin ST) Expanding into global market with sensor technology amidst 4th Industrial Revolution

Reporter Kwak Jong-heon

Posted Jul 3, 2019

Promising future company... Superior technology to prevent leaks and leaks in advance using flexible sensor technology

Technologies attracting attention in the industrial environment and safety field

In the 4th Industrial Revolution which is upon us, Yumin ST is attracting attention for its solid technology in the sensor industry.

Located in Gyeonggi-do, YUMINST (CEO Kim Dong-hwan) products prevents leakage and leakage of environmental pollutants such as sulfuric acid gas, caustic soda, and hydrochloric acid in the steel, steelmaking, shipbuilding, and general plant industries using flexible sensor technology.

YUMINST’s sensors are expected to receive special attention in the field of industrial safety amid the recent issues surfacing in the domestic steel and non-ferrous metal industry over blast furnace bleed issues and environmental leaks at the Young Poong Seokpo Refinery.

Kim Dong-hwan, CEO of this company, said, “In 2007, our company succeeded in developing the world’s first flexible liquid detection sensor, and is leading the domestic sensor market by replacing dependence on foreign imported sensors.”

In addition to attracting domestic investment, YUMINST possesses excellent sensor technology and is exporting to the US, China, Taiwan, Japan and Europe markets by participating in overseas projects.

The company, which has over 130 patents and certifications, is concentrating on developing new sensor materials and conductive inks and providing industrial safety solutions using its sensor products.

CEO Kim Dong-hwan of YUMINST said, “We’re already using 7th generation sensor technology,” and developed a reusable sensor for the petrochemical industry in 2018, and developed a magnetic resonance durable sensor in 2019, which was embroiled in a patent infringement lawsuit. He also revealed that their company won the patent infringement lawsuit.

Installation of sensors in general industrial plants and power plants is very versatile. YUMINST’s sensors can be installed in explosion-proof areas, accelerator centers, storage tanks, around pipes, and boiler flow meters.

Recently, the government has enacted and revised environmental laws on hazardous chemicals and imposed strict punishment.

YUMINST's flexible water leak detection sensor is a preventive system in the environmental and safety field that immediately detects hazardous chemical leaks and pinpoints the location to an integrated monitoring and processing system to respond in advance before a hazard accident occurs. These sensors are likely to become widely adopted in the steel and non-ferrous metal industries as well. (031-429-6873)