Company Introduction

Company Introduction

YUMINST launches flexible leak detection sensor product line

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YUMINST launches flexible leak detection sensor product line

Products displayed at 2019 Second Half Raw Material Market Forecast Seminar

Targeting the steel industry’s safety equipment market

YUMINST (CEO Kim Dong-hwan), a company specializing in accident prevention solutions for hazardous chemicals, participated in the 2019 Raw Material Market Outlook Seminar held at the aT Center in Yangjae-dong. YUMINST introduced its product line of flexible leak detection sensors.

YUMINST unveiled its 4th and 5th generation flexible leak detection sensors and 6th generation multi-leak alarm module sensors are products that can detect leaks of toxic chemicals.

A hydrofluoric acid leak in Gumi in 2012 and a chemical leak in Ulsan in 2016 resulted in casualties and huge property damage. In response, the government strengthened punitive measures by enacting and revising environmental laws on hazardous chemicals.

Flexible liquid leak detection sensors can be attached to pipes through which chemicals flow through to detect chemical leaks and uses a control device to sound alarms.

Waterproof connector (left) and 4th and 5th generation flexible liquid leak detection sensor (right). (Photo = Steel Market News)

YUMINST’s 4th generation sensor, which is the chemical solution reuse detection sensor LK14-T2-2001AC, detects chemical solutions such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and sulfuric acid within 5 minutes. It reacts quickly and is used in explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof areas. The amount of liquid that can be detected is more than 5ml, and its operating temperature and humidity are -10~55℃ and 5~85%, respectively. It can be powered by DC 5V power source. The standard is 28mm wide and 130㎛ thick and has high durability. It is also corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

The 5th generation sensor, the oil and organic solvent detection reusable sensor LK16-T2-2000HD, detects oil and organic solvents such as diesel, gasoline, coal tar, and toluene. Its detection time varies depending on the concentration of the solution and the temperature of the installation location. The amount of detected liquid is more than 5ml, the operating temperature and humidity are -10~55℃ and 5~85%, respectively, and it needs a DC 5V power source. The standard is 28mm in width and 460㎛ in thickness, and the reaction speed is very fast (less than 40 seconds). It can also detect hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and MDI.

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Multi Leak Alarm System using 6th generation sensors. (Photo = Steel Market News)

Son Joo-young, YUMINST, Managing Director, said, “Our company succeeded in developing and producing the world’s first flexible liquid detection sensor in 2007, leading the domestic liquid sensor market, which was mainly dominated by foreign imports. In Korea, we have supplied products to the chip industry, oil refineries, chemical industry, nuclear power plants, the Ministry of Defense, and smart buildings. In the steel industry, we have supplied products to POSCO, Hyundai Steel, and KG Steel (formerly Dongbu Steel), and are currently conducting business with Dongkuk Steel,” he said.

YUMINST, which has been supplying products to Korean conglomerates such as Samsung Group, LG Group, SK Hynix, and government ministries, will begin targeting the steel industry's safety market.

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